Why should you choose the DBU Distance (Online) MBA Via U18 ?


The Don Bosco University Online MBA provides you with the same high quality management education as our on-campus MBA programs – the only differences are in its delivery, its opportunity for unprecedented global networking, and its flexibility to allow you to learn while you work, and work while you learn.

The pliability of our Online MBA enables you to study where you want, and whatever it useful your busy schedule.

The DBU Online MBA is 100% online and is UGC accredited and international accreditation by The Association of Commonwealth Universities and Recognition for the Don Bosco Society. The curriculum of the DBU Online MBA follows the same structure and content, and has the same learning objectives as the DBU MBA programs conducted in Guwahati.

Accelerate your career

Sanjeev Yadav, University18, U18The U18 Online MBA gives you a solid foundation in both business fundamentals and entrepreneurial thinking, provided by DBU’s international faculty. Apart from the academic knowledge you will constantly be challenged to develop your leadership and personal skills. Through the online program you will share this learning experience with professionals from around the world, preparing you for confident leadership in global business. With the U18 Online MBA program you develop the knowledge, skills and mindset to advance your career and increase your impact in the global economy. DBU MBA graduates occupy top positions in business, government and academia.

Transform yourself into a responsible leader
You will gain deeper understanding of responsible management. DBU subscribes to high ethical standards in business and strongly promotes corporate social responsibility and sustainable development. We subscribe to the Principles for Responsible Management Education and promote the role of business in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Study at a distance but with unlimited opportunities for online networking
The DBU Online MBA takes a practice oriented approach focusing on putting the theoretical knowledge into your daily practice through case studies and assignments. Additionally you will work with your fellow online students in collaborative projects helping you to develop your skills to work effectively and efficiently in multicultural teams. Through the discussion forum you can stay connected with your peers and professors to share experiences, pose questions or initiate debates. Being part of this truly global community you will significantly expand your international network. Career services are also included in the DBU Online MBA with a number of online career services trainings.

Choose 100% online
You can choose to follow the U18‘s MBA completely online with no obligations for residential weeks. This will give you optimal flexibility and will save you time and money for travelling abroad.

Obtain a better rate of return on your educational investment
According to Business Because “online programs can offer a better return on investment, as students don’t have the extra cost of travel, accommodation and, crucially, can continue to work alongside their studies”.

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Masters in Social Work Management Offered by Don Bosco University

A Master’s in Social Work (MSW) managemet is one of the best programms you can have for helping others and getting paid to do so. Social workers serve individuals, families, and communities. They can work for themselves, corporations, schools, and the government. Direct-service social workers help people solve and cope with problems in their everyday lives, while clinical social workers diagnose and treat behavioral, mental, and emotional issues. Those with an MSW programs usually are employed as case workers, counselors, or therapists.

Program Overview:

Caring is at the heart of social work. ‘Real-life human needs’ form the grist around which study, reflection and concerted action are formulated. A combination of the latest in theory and practice, this programme is meant to equip our students with the wherewithal to enhance the quality of their own lives as they seek to shape and affect the lives of others. If the plight of the marginalized moves you, and if the desire to do something about it, while making your own life richer and more meaningful in the process, beckons you, this programme of study is just the right one for you.

The four-semester postgraduate programs in Social Work Management trains the students to plan and execute an extensive range of social services and social welfare activities. An innovative blend of theory, fieldwork and research, 3 programs is designed to provide them with the skills and expertise to bring professionalism into the field of social work, to set up and manage social work organizations of their own, and to work with various national and international agencies in the field.


Graduate in any stream / 15 Years of Formal education.

Duration :

The Programs is made up of 4 semesters which may be completed within a minimum duration of 2 years and a maximum duration of 4 years.

Program Fee:

(Tuition Fee-3600 USD + Examination Fee-200 USD/Semester)

Degree Awarded: MBA in Social Work Management

University – Don Bosco University

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CSR Excellence Award Wins Airtel Ghana

airtel ghanaAirtel Ghana has been named Best CSR Company for Education at the 5th Ghana CSR Excellence Awards, which recognises best practices in corporate social responsibility.

Airtel Ghana has been a leader in contributing consistently to innovative solutions and strategies in education that transforms and empowers communities with initiatives such as the School Adoption Programme through which the Changemaker company adopted schools such as the Himakrom Methodist Primary and the Adaklu Aboadi Salvation Army School.

This award is a validation of the effort we put in every day to transform education in Ghana.” The Ghana CSR Excellence Awards in its fifth year is modelled after the European CSR Excellence Awards.

The Ghana CSR Excellence Awards have collaborations and endorsement from the Association of Ghana Industries, Ghana Chamber of Commerce & Industries, Japan International Cooperation Agency, Plan International and the Ministry of Trade & Industry.

Resource :-  http://www.savannabyte.com/

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Online Education: Affordable Way To Enhance Competence

online-learning-programs-university18Online education is the best way to extend the education and specializations within comfort zones of office or home. The unmatched flexibility and anywhere accessibility make the online education popular among the all age professionals planning to improve their profiles; may it be academic front or technical field. Low priced Online Distant Education with online assessments & examination facilities is a great way to re-start the journey towards better career where you left; reasons may be different like family problems, re-location, nature of professional assignments, finance or family responsibilities.

Students across the continents share Online Platform to access the virtual learning, refresher training, advance courses, e-books library and special certification etc of choice; comparatively low cost is most common reason. Online education Programs are designed to facilitate the candidates; set your own pace with no compromise to existing personal and work life. Certified Degrees and Certificates granted by the Universities partnered with your best chosen Online Education Institute are accepted by the employers in Pvt. and Govt. sectors across the World.

Online education is modern way to crush the knowledge and profile barriers for better carrier. Searches deliver numbers of options; choosing the best one is surely a great challenge. However, some time invested in exploring and confirming the claimed facts may guide you for the best online education university.

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Online MBA Programs offered by Don Bosco University

The online MBA programs of DBU, was introduced in the year 2009, to address the business challenges of a world becoming a “global” village and therefore needing “global” managers.

The programme ran into difficulties on issues of accreditation and affiliation which have since been resolved.The programme is now accredited by the The Assam Don Bosco University , a State Private University , Established by ‘The Assam Don Bosco University Act’ of the Government of Assam (No IX of 2009), passed in the Assam State Legislative Assembly in 2009 , is recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC ) of India, as well as the Distance Education Council, India (DEC). ADBU is also recognized and a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities , ACU, UK, giving it International Recognition.

The degree of Online MBA is awarded by the Don Bosco University.


The MBA programs is especially designed to address managers in large or small corporate entities executives in public enterprises and others in mid-managerial cadres.

The rapid technology changes in our modern world demand new managerial skills and creativity to fashion out best practices and new orientations in today’s managers who need to understand the dynamics and complexities of new business in the context of grooving countries like India, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania.


Entry into online MBA programs shall be according to one of the following categories:

As the Online MBA Programs is designed for working professionals, evidence of post-undergraduate full-time work experience is preferred with demonstrated responsibility and leadership.


The MBA programs is run period of 4 semesters which may be completed within a minimum duration of 2 years and a maximum duration of 4 years.


Students entering unto their areas of specialization and one elective program in one of the following areas of specialization;

  • General Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Finance Management
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  • Operations Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Retail Management
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UGC plans to bring in massive online courses

The University Grants Commission (UGC) is planning to gradually phase out all the distance education study centres in order to bring in the massive open online courses centers(MOOCs), said H Devaraj, vice chairman of UGC.

Speaking on the sidelines of the 31 convocation ceremony at the Bharathidasan University here on Tuesday, Devaraj said that UGC is planning a new approach with the introduction of several innovative programmes. The National Information Education Communication Technology will roll out the online programs, which will function from a data centre that has been set up in Ahmadabad, he said.

The inclusive approach, which the Commission had adopted for the past 60 years, will be gradually replaced in favour of a progressive approach, he said. In the inclusive approach, areas and communities found to suffer from low access to education were given special focus, and policies were rolled out to increase enrollment in these areas. Community colleges in the country will be collaborated as part of the MOOCs programme to increase their relevance, he said, where students would be employee-friendly from the moment they pass out.

The vice chairman further said that 35 universities in the country had applied for excellence status, out of which 15 were from Tamil Nadu. A total of seven universities were selected, which were then narrowed down to fiur- Anna university, Bharathidasan, Bharathiar Alagappa University. These have been called for an interview on January 19, he stated.

An institution which obtains the recognition of centre of excellence is eligible to receive Rs 150 crore for its development.

Bringing in accountability in all universities in the country will pave way for progression at the national level, Devaraj said. Instead of permanent faculty positions, performance-based recruitment and incentive have to be provided, which will enhance the quality of teaching in all the educational institutions. Ministry of human resource development has taken an initiative to improve and transform higher education with the implementation of Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA), he said.

source : – timesofindia

At the convocation, 606 students were presented their degrees. Governor K Roasiah, minister for higher education P Palaniappan and vice-chancellor V M Muthukumar lauded the students and urged them to make the world better with their innovations.

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Assam Don Bosco University ties up with Tezpur University for research

The Tezpur University (TU) has signed a memorandum of agreement (MoA) with Assam Don Bosco University (ADBU) in Guwahati for collaborating in research arena.

Both the universities have agreed to exchange teachers and students and conduct joint research projects. They will also share resources in chemical sciences, food engineering, physics and nanotechnology and computer science engineering.

The MoA will see joint research projects with the involvement of the Union ministry of science and technologyâ??s department of biotechnology (DBT) and department of science and technology (DST) and other funding agencies, access to and use of the sophisticated instrumentation facilities of both universities, faculty exchange and joint faculty development programmes.

The agreement grants the students and staff of ADBU access to the department of electronics and information technology (DEIT)-assisted micro-electrical-mechanical systems (MEMS) fabrication facilities available at TU.

With a validity of five years, from October 17, the MoA is subject to extension.

TU is a leading central university of the northeast that has been promoting research in areas which have a direct bearing on the region, especially in emerging areas within science and technology.

While the Don Bosco group is spread across 132 countries and caters to over nine million people worldwide. Don Bosco Tech India has been recognised as the single largest provider of technical education in the country, second only to the government.

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Now University of Mysore to retain name

While the royal city turns a page and drops its anglicized name, the University of Mysore, one of the oldest in the country, will retain its name, at least for now.

The university apparently fears that changing the name could affect its brand value. It will turn hundred in 1916 and has started preparing for the centenary celebrations.

“There is no move to change the name of the university,” sources told TOI. There has been no communication from the state government either, they added.

To effect the change, the university has to request the government to amend the Mysore University Act, they said adding they have not approached the government.

Another source said: “Some universities have effected changes after the cities they are located in were renamed, like the University of Bombay became the University of Mumbai. However, the University of Calcutta and the University of Madras did change their names. It is up to the University of Mysore to decide on the issue.”

The source said that if Bangalore University and Mangalore University decide to effect the change, it could add pressure on the oldest university in the state.

The university, sixth in the country, was set up in 1916. A Bill to establish the university was introduced in the Mysore Representative Assembly on July 17, 1916, and passed unanimously. The Bill got Maharaja Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar’s assent on July 22 and consequently on July 27, 1916, the University of Mysore was established.

Meanwhile, MCC authorities said the government notification on renaming the city is binding on it and there is no need for the corporation council to take a call on it. The local body can ratify the government’s decision, they stated.

source – http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/

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Courses Online MBA – Does Quantity Quality Opportunities?

The quality to practice and learning acquired at a course of MBA (Master of Company Administration) is very essential and essential to allow any sort of career shift, whether professional development within the structure company and the structure of execute or a better job of a personal viewpoint which allows you to enhance your capabilities and information on a subject. This is very common among experts working these days, which is so active in their lifestyle and who are already living in the fast street, cannot manage to put their lifestyle at a stop to practice a skills course, which is where an MBA through on the internet knowledge and learning comes to light. They have confirmed extremely popular as they cash in on aspects such as source preserving your a while to power, power, and available wherever possible. The course carries on in the same way provides students with the same information, understanding and capabilities in the relaxation and relaxation of their home through On the internet multi-media sources, in evaluation to what would have been sent to one traditional academic establishing.

The aspects for looking for these programs can and do vary from one person to operate as this level of their career actions they are placed range of aspects such as looking for to professional development in their existing place, the need to increase their existing obtained income.

These days these needs are taken into account by the various B-schools across the world with aware and then come out with programs and frameworks that now a double level, combining the MBA with another place interest, the choice for what is generally left to the students. The supply of a double level is also available from MBA programs offered by various on the internet academic companies and organizations.

The aspects for selecting an MBA program on the internet in evaluation to traditional academic establishing MBA can get the relaxation of personal time a need for the improvement of capabilities and professional commitment these days, accepted on the internet MBA programs are still able to effectively offer students with the necessary information, information and attention in their specific areas so that students can shift at their own rate according to their existing needs on the floor. Also with the ongoing up gradation in various press types available to students, the process of on the internet is capable of creating a variety of interesting mufti-media sources in contrast to chance to learn in the academic establishing traditional. The relationships allow students to acquire a better understanding of the subject thus improving their capability to sustain information acquired. Online Courses also bring to lifestyle the idea prominent unique sessions in a way that knowledge and learning does not intercede with their professional obligations and family obligations. Exclusive sessions do not have work deadlines and they execute 24 hours a day, One weeks time per weeks time routine.

As described above, the reason of that business stages on the internet is the greatest ranking they can get rid of those costs that happen with regards to your power and power, travel, homemaking and more. Now-a-days, there is no lack of companies willing to offer on the internet MBA stages and one extra provision must be taken by all students is to research and validate the stability of the business and certification of stages offered. This is an high variety of acquire significance these days that certification of your level can affect your possibilities of placement / job possibilities in the market. So it is very important for all students to watch out for uncertain stability of these companies offer on the Online MBA.

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MCA and BCA courses online

In India, significant advances in the use of computers have taken place in the industrial and commercial sectors. Computers have widespread application in these fields. The team, with its versatility, accelerates the ability to solve many problems related to teaching, research and administration that are in higher education. This study was undertaken to outline the current state of PC penetration, application usage, and their impact on higher education.

One of the formal courses especially for information technology in the country was initiated by the Indian Statistical Institute in 1962. In the late 60 IIT’s, introduced as an elective computer courses in electrical engineering. Until the early ’70s computer courses offered as part of an engineering curriculum. Afternoon is taught as a specialization course in national institutions like the IIT only, and IISREC, also in limited areas, hardware and software. In the 80s, the courses of computer science, engineering and applications were introduced at various universities and institutions with the encouragement and support of the central and state governments. Currently there are the following types of computer courses.

Certification Courses Diploma in Computer Application Programming Bachelor Computer Application (BCA), online Master of Computer Application (MCA) But today, online MCA and BCA’s online course at university level higher demand. There are over 300 schools at grade level in the northeast, where courses Online BCA and MCA programs and other computer courses can be started to generate labor union for professional computer services and carry out higher education.

During the meeting information technology infrastructure of the Northeast was discussed in detail, especially the main requirement for the IT industry in the region. Software Technology Park, IT Park is basically a 100 percent EOU to perform software development work using the communication link of high data rate for physical exports (electronics and software) professional services – or services consulting / software development.

Computer engineers, but are mostly involved in IT industries, which are gaining more demand in other industries i.e., banking and airlines, utilities, manufacturing sector etc., as industry are becoming more technology oriented and computerized.


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