To teach online you have to be more creative and accurate. More creative to keep the attention of students and poor accuracy because the ideas are more noticeable on campus online. The class must be well prepared, with a synchronized script that serves as the backbone and at the same time, it should be able to adapt to unforeseen situations and ideas that are generated in the development of the class. The teacher’s effort is greater, and the student benefits from this. The online campus offering the necessary support for the dynamic exchange of thoughts.

How is taught an MBA online?
We use two formats: online forums and video conferencing. The forums are the pinnacle of education. For four days the students and teacher exchanged ideas on the online campus about a case. Each one gets to make their contributions at the time that suits you, but does so after reading the ideas previously expressed by others, as in real life. This level of participation and depth not normally reached in a class time. The other format is video, scheduled at times designed to give maximum flexibility to students. During the video conference, students can participate through video, chat and polls. Students actively participate on their own initiative, and maintaining a productive tension because each student knows that any time the teacher invites you to participate, then go well prepared.

What are the main advantages of an MBA in this format?
For students, the sharing in the same class with students of great potential and dozens of nationalities is a major advantage that delivers an online MBA in IT . This interaction promotes order less personal growth of students. However, we must also take into account that within each nation and every culture, people of high performance and low-performing people. People who aspire and inspire, and people get bored. It is possible that an Arab or a Mexican graduates of a good business school is best suited to the organizational culture of a New York corporation that the average American.

What should be taken into account when making an online Edcuation ?
The most important thing is that it is a reputable school, where there are collateral to discuss the most advanced knowledge management, and where there is fertile ground for generating ideas. It is also very important to the quality of the students, because neither the teacher nor the business school can generate all the ideas. An environment of this nature makes it easier for executives to gain the vision to lead their organizations, the leadership to inspire others, and courage to make decisions that is required.

 What should be a student dedication towards this type of program?
Depends on the duration of the program. In the intensive programs of one year must spend more hours per week. If you want to study in a school of the best in the ranking, it is necessary to participate in daily discussions of cases, one to three hours a day, attend two video conferences a week and prepare during the week before or the weekend cases and presentations next week.

In terms of prestige, is highly recommended that you face an MBA online?
The prestige is given by the business school. This is because online programs may have the same rigor that face to face, and because the new real world business online has more than face to face. Even the CEO of the previous generation, they are comfortable with virtual connections and pass in front of your computer more hours than any other activity of his life. In this way, interact with their teams, often in distant geographic locations, and key decision makers for their organizations. Now, if we think of the new generation, are people with a different attitude, since children chat, e-mail are belong to social networking. For them there is a revolution, is part of normal life. And the online MBA in ghana draws on elements of the new real world.

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Sanjeev kumar is E-Marketing consultant. working with #U18, that is offered Online education in all of #World.
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