A social network for Online MBA students

Do you want to enroll in an MBA but do not know which one? Would you like to have some reference about the different business schools? If yes, can you give a possible solution: MBA Watch. This page is a social network for students who want to do or are doing MBA.
Online mba, distance learning mbaFollowing the style that Facebook introduced a few years ago, online MBA Watch is born to help all students who want to pursue an MBA. It already can find information about more than 20 business schools that are registered. Some of them are the most important, for example, Harvard, Stanford and Wharton.
 Each college has its wall
As mentioned, this new social network has features similar to Facebook. Thus, each university has its wall where you can post information relevant official releases, photos, videos. And of course, the student who is interested in the school and will be able to have questions and they will answer questions willingly. In addition, MBA in entrepreneurship Watch gives all stakeholders a lot of data, statistics and articles on each school.
Among much other information, the data from each institution can find are the number of students who asked plaza, with the percentage of those who were admitted, the age of the students, how many women, how many who come from international and ethnic minorities U.S. But not only provide information of current students in the school, but also to gain future employment on average, as the average and median base salary.
 Other services
Apart from the information that you will find forums for you to comment your questions or solve the other. There are several types of forums, divided by subject. Thus, for example, have some on language tests, student life ask an MBA admissions consultant. any doubt you can solve these forums without going crazy.
 But this is not all, you can also read information on the many blogs that are on the page. Some are students, tutors GMAT (Graduate Entrance Exam in business management, for its acronym in English), admissions consultants, companies, etc.. But you can also see information on GMAT, curricula, information on books, help your first steps in this world, in short, everything you need. This is MBA in IT Watch, a social network where you can gather information for your future.

About Sanjeev kumar

Sanjeev kumar is E-Marketing consultant. working with #U18, that is offered Online education in all of #World.
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