Distance and Online Study in Nigeria

Although Nigeria has the infrastructure that is growing rapidly is still insufficient for the online and distance education constitutes an important part of their education system. Telecommunications is a priority of the Nigerian government and as communication networks have improved across the country, is expected to present greater opportunities for distance education. addition to the deficiencies in infrastructure, lack of education Distance in Nigeria follows a history of intense repression during the succession of brutal military dictatorships.
Like other authoritarian governments in the world, these regimes considered higher education as a threat to his government rather than an opportunity for prosperity and growth, so that traditional universities were deeply affected and thus the growth of education distance. Since 1999, the country has been under democratic governments that have revitalized to education, and in 2001, when online education was just beginning in the world, the Minister of Education of Nigeria announced a national strategy that emphasized distance education as a possible solution to the educational problems of the country. One of the encouraging signs of change is the greatest digital integration project.
The objective of this project is to provide Internet connectivity to every school, college, university and research center of this nation. This fulfills two objectives: the first is to bring Internet connectivity, an invaluable tool for teaching and learning in classrooms and school libraries Nigerian, which allows students of all ages learn about the world through free flow of digital information, and the second is that they allow the same schools and universities conduct their courses and pass your online experience, leading to a comprehensive system of distance education to higher education will become a possibility true for those who wish to study.Naturally, this growth is not without problems, since the expansion of the telecommunications infrastructure and distance education has not been accompanied by a consistent and comprehensive regulatory strategy, and government institutions have it difficult to monitor the various online MBA in Nigeria. This has led to a serious concern due to the emergence of “factories” of titles.

These are institutions that offer “titles” false without providing education or require appropriate academic effort by the student, damaging to society as a whole because it undermines the credibility of online education programs legitimate and gives false hope to students believe that the titles for which they pay the help to get better jobs. In recent years, the lack of government oversight has led to an explosion of these “factories” of titles and some experts have suggested that up to 80% of the distance education programs taught in Nigeria come from “factories” of titles . As the country you develop your technological capabilities, will be essential to put in place regulatory policies to ensure that the growth of educational institutions resulting from this development goes in the right direction. While improvements in education have occurred in recent years in Nigeria have been impressive, there is still a long way to go. It is hoped that the new democratic government quickly find the balance so that this country can thrive in a system of universities and colleges online MBA reliable, responsible and independent.

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